KHT’s first intentionally innovative solution is the Keystone Digital Living Will. The KHT team began by extensively researching living wills, also known as advance directives. These documents contain written instructions specifying the medical desires of an individual should they no longer be able to communicate due to illness or incapacity. What the team found matched their experiences - advance directives, while crucial, are a tragically underutilized tool stuck in a paper age in what is now a digital world. Misunderstood and unnecessarily complex, these critical documents are overlooked and often not found when they are needed. Far fewer than half of adults in the United States have an advance directive, resulting in broken hearts, unfulfilled wishes, and unwanted medical care.

The Keystone Digital Living Will™ helps bring comfort and certainty to individuals and families by providing a simple, secure, and effective solution to the problems that plague traditional advance directives. The Keystone Digital Living Will™ is an easy to understand electronic document that can be conveniently completed in the comfort of a person’s home, is legally binding, and instantly retrievable in time of need. By merging cutting-edge technology with a user friendly experience, Keystone Healthcare Technologies has created a better way.

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KHT is a social enterprise committed to widespread awareness, acceptance and adoption of advance directives across a diverse spectrum of adults. We strive to accomplish this through our Keystone Strategy, which enables payers, providers and individuals to benefit from the enhanced patient centered care that is inherent in end of life planning.